4K Video: Tips To Use And Find It Easily

Video on the web is getting better and better. This is a sought-after feature that everyone wants to have in their design for good reason. Animated images are attractive and more interactive. A video clip can grab (and hold) a user’s attention faster and longer than a single frame.

To celebrate a new offering from iStock, let’s look at the recent trend in website video-4K. this high resolution video is a must if you are using videos for website design. The screens are so good and users are so used to high-quality graphics that they can be after If they don’t think about 4K videos.

Here are some ways to use it and tips to find great 4K video options for your projects.

Here’s what you need to know about 4K: It’s super high resolution video. Think of it as almost four times better than your Standard HDTV at 1080p.

The name 4K refers to the number of horizontal pixels on the screen. It has better image quality with higher resolution, more detailed images, better visibility for fast action and greater projection visibility. 4K resolution is the new standard for digital film and computer graphics and the highest resolution available in the consumer market.

And the great video is something that users will ask for. (Do you want to return to a normal screen after receiving HD? The same Concept applies here.)

Video trends in web design

The use of video is one of the biggest design trends we have seen in recent years. The use of video in website design has exploded. Video has replaced still images for websites of almost all types and websites of all sizes.

The thing about this trend is that video works with any design aesthetic and is an attractive Alternative to still images or artwork. Movement is a natural attraction for users. With movement, the video tells a story and users will see what happens next.

Video can be used in different ways in website design, and 4K is the best Option for top-notch quality in all areas.

  • Video header: Instead of a static hero image, use a full screen background video to draw users in a theme.
  • Video Backgrounds: Use video to create a background that attracts attention and helps users stick to your content.
  • Video Clips: Use the video wherever you would use a still image in the design. You don’t want to replace every still image, but strategic video placements can help users stay busy with content for longer.

Video Inspiration and Design

Using video may seem a little intimidating to some users. There are concerns about the correct recording, file size and making sure the images work with the content. Professionals easily outweigh these concerns – users love the filmy experience on the web and most internet connections, and are good enough for developers to work with high-resolution videos, so they never have to sacrifice load time.

Not sure how you would use the video? Here are some websites with designs that use Wow and video. Be sure to click and visit any website.

Now that you feel inspired by the big ideas above, there is a big question to answer. Where do you find this type of video?

It’s actually quite simple. iStock, the same place known for its stunning stock photography, has a robust new collection of 4K videos for your projects.

iStock’s video offerings include royalty-free video, HD video, b-Roll and stock images. iStock offers thousands of 4K video clips that you can download, edit and add to your website design. (The clips are ready to go, so you can use them as-is!)

Video options range from different scenes that you can string together for a hero image, to simple background images, to Clips that you can use alone in different ways. What is particularly interesting is that you can browse the iStock 4K collection in a targeted way so that you know that your video is of the highest quality and looks beautiful every time on any screen.

Buying Stock Video From iStock is easy. You can purchase credits for pay-per-view purchases or purchase a Subscription for more downloads per month. Once you’ve downloaded a video, you can use it and edit it for a project.

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